Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Going to see Elder Ballard

Elder Ballard came to talk to our stake on Friday and Saturday! The Friday one was kinda funny because it was held in the trinity church-(cause' none of our church buildings are big enough to hold all of us). Cool story- the organ player that played at the Friday meeting is not a member and plays for a lot of different churches around the world. Anyway, some members of the ward drove him home and he was telling them that out of all the churches he has played at he has never felt anything like he felt out our church meeting!!
After the meeting on Sunday we got to go up to Elder Ballard and say hi and shake his hand! He is such a neat person!

Grandma came to town!

We got treated to dinner by Grandma Elaine while she was in Boston for a family reunion on Tom's side. We went to Friendly's, one of our favorite places out here, it was way fun to get to hang out with her for the night!

A little Halloween fun

Making pumpkin cookies with our nephew Jase!
Picking out the perfect pumpkin....as we were going up and down the rows trying to pick a pumpkin we turned out heads to the right and there it was glowing amongst the others....THE perfect pumpkin!
Carving pumpkins....so we had a pumpkin contest and Jase was going to be our judge. Ryan kept telling me that i wasn't allowed to cheat, like put a piece of candy in the pumpkin to persuade Jase to choose our pumpkin. When it came time to turn our pumpkins around to let Jase choose...i look over at Ryans pumpkin to see the three big words written across the top "Jase pick me", not to mention the picture of the car and a basketball drawn on it with permanent marker (Jase's two favorite toys).....so glad i played that fair...one thing you can always rely on when it comes to an Anderson and games/contests, is that there is ALWAYS a way to cheat...oops i mean win!hehe

The fall is so amazing here! I have never seen so many trees (not hard to believe being from St. George) and they are all sooo gorgeous when they start changing colors! This just might be one of my favorite seasons now!

Our mini...very mini cruise

To try something new, and of course because of the irresistable discount Kacey couldn't miss out on, we decided to go big and take a romantic day cruise-well atleast thats what the advertisement said! Our cruise turned out to be a tug boat with a couple tables and metal chairs placed in the middle, that took us around the coast of Boston. We didn't care though, atleast the sunset would be fun to see....that was until it started raining! BUT anything that doesn't involve anatomy and biochem books is still a blast!We had fun!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

PALMYRA-Fri. Aug. 28th

We first got to go the printing press where the first 5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon were made. A lot of the printing press like the floors and some of the brick were still the original stuff! We also got to walk inside the replica of Joseph Smiths home and saw his room where the angel Moroni came to visit him. After, we went inside the frame house (around 85% original) and saw where Joseph Smith hid the plates under the bricks of the fireplace. The last picture is of us in the sacred grove, so neat and beautiful through there! We also stopped by at the Palmyra temple and hill Cumorah. It was all so awesome!!

NIAGARA FALLS- Thurs. Aug. 27th

Our boat got so close to the falls it felt like it was going to get sucked under by the water rushing down...crazy!



We camped our first night in Cooperstown and our second night in Canada. Our first night we roasted hot dogs and smores at night and in the morning the boys went to check out the baseball hall of fame while the girls and Jase took a paddle boat out for a spin on their mini lake. The second night we drove past pizza hut on the way to the camp site and got sucked in...raw hot dogs on a stick or stuffed crust yummy pizza...hmmm??! But of course smores were still a must!


It was all of our first times at an actual big horse race! It was so fun to see the horses rush by and the crazy crowd going wild! I never knew the horse races were such a big event....there were people everywhere-some dressed up all fancy and some dressed way down. It also had a carnival feel with all the different popcorn, cotton candy, pretzel, hotdog, etc. stands!

Our Three Day Vacation

We took a three day trip around New York with Ryan, Meagan, and their little boy Jase before we get locked into our first year of dental school!

BASKETBALL HALL OF FAME-Wednesday, Aug. 26th

Shaq's shoe size....HUGE

The first game of basketball was played with a peach basket!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our Wedding Day