Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Party

Ryan and Meag put on a "hollywood" halloween party this year that was so much fun! We all had to dress up as famous couples and walk down the red carpet! Kace and i went as Tarzan and Jane!


I finally got to see the play Wicked! Kace and i were just about to give in and pay for expensive tickets to see this play before it left..... Then we were told that they have a raffle 2 hours before each show where they give away 20 tickets for only $25! So after school we ran over there and happened to been one of the lucky winners!!! It was soo good! i loved it!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Matching outfits....

So you know how they say that people who have been around each other a long time start acting like each other and start dressing the same.....well i didn't think it was true until a few months ago, when i started noticing that every time i got ready for school Kacey would come out of the closet 10 minutes later wearing the exact same thing. Haha, i had to tell him that matching outfits were maybe cool back in elementary school, but not so much in dental school!

Bean town

The place is made of jelly beans!! They also have a water show that's pretty neat. We got a little tired so we decided to try out the couches in the furniture store right next to it!

Late night paint job

For our new change starting our new school year, we decided to rearrange our room, paint a wall teal, and we bought a 1.5 chair for $40 that we found on craigslist!!wahoo! Kace is very proud of his find!

Provincetown....very, um, interesting

To describe provincetown, lets just say that Kace and I were about the only boy/girl couple walking around! The beach was fun though, as long as we didn't look around too much!

Our little trip

Our 2 day trip to go see the Mansions (Breakers) in Rhode Island, camped overnight in Sandwhich, MA, then drove to the very tip of cape cod (Provincetown)

Summer break

For our 2 month summer break we stayed with my parents in St. George, Utah! It was the summer of going to the lake and eating frozen yogurt!


I know I haven't been on this thing for about a year now, but here are a few things that Kace and I have been up to recently......

Kace's surprise skydiving birthday!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Going to see Elder Ballard

Elder Ballard came to talk to our stake on Friday and Saturday! The Friday one was kinda funny because it was held in the trinity church-(cause' none of our church buildings are big enough to hold all of us). Cool story- the organ player that played at the Friday meeting is not a member and plays for a lot of different churches around the world. Anyway, some members of the ward drove him home and he was telling them that out of all the churches he has played at he has never felt anything like he felt out our church meeting!!
After the meeting on Sunday we got to go up to Elder Ballard and say hi and shake his hand! He is such a neat person!

Grandma came to town!

We got treated to dinner by Grandma Elaine while she was in Boston for a family reunion on Tom's side. We went to Friendly's, one of our favorite places out here, it was way fun to get to hang out with her for the night!

A little Halloween fun

Making pumpkin cookies with our nephew Jase!
Picking out the perfect we were going up and down the rows trying to pick a pumpkin we turned out heads to the right and there it was glowing amongst the others....THE perfect pumpkin!
Carving we had a pumpkin contest and Jase was going to be our judge. Ryan kept telling me that i wasn't allowed to cheat, like put a piece of candy in the pumpkin to persuade Jase to choose our pumpkin. When it came time to turn our pumpkins around to let Jase choose...i look over at Ryans pumpkin to see the three big words written across the top "Jase pick me", not to mention the picture of the car and a basketball drawn on it with permanent marker (Jase's two favorite toys) glad i played that thing you can always rely on when it comes to an Anderson and games/contests, is that there is ALWAYS a way to cheat...oops i mean win!hehe

Our Wedding Day